Spring Has Sprung!

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Yesterday was the First Day of Spring!  Which is probably difficult for our Northern friends experiencing the snowpocalypse to believe at this time, but regardless, it's that time of year again when the hope for new beginnings and pleasant weather rises up and winter's end seems much nearer.  To celebrate this we decided that our featured artist could only be the talented creator of this unique and special piece, titled Flower Power.

Giving off a unique steampunk vibe and nodding to the iconic era and groovy style of the sixties, this sculpture is made entirely of recycled engine components. The artist, a former elementary school teacher turned automotive artisan, crafted this so that every fine detail was attended too, even going so far as to keep all welding points hidden within the vase. This attention to detail makes this piece perfect as a centerpiece, bragging a full 360 degrees of stunning appeal.

Each sculpture is meticulously crafted and uniquely it's own, constructed of the gears, components, and pieces available to the craftsman at the time of creation. Like a snowflake, no two are exactly the same.  Even the colors can be made to order! In the artist's own words "This piece has some color, but being a fan of bare metal, it is mostly polished steel with a deep, glossy protective finish. The untouched polished steel provides depth to this unique work of art." and we completely agree! Check it out here! As well as some of her other awesome creations!


















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