Mercedes Benz Engine Timing Gear and Chain Wall Clock

  • $ 329.00

The Mercedes Benz emblem is a super classy look atop the elegant bare metal finish of the gear set. 

There are several stages to building a gear clock. Obtaining, cleaning, welding, cleaning again, polishing, clearing, drying and assembling. All used engine components are thoroughly cleaned with industrial solvents. Each link in the chain is welded with a gas mig, so that it is easy to hang as it keeps it's shape and the gears won't fall out. The artist uses several different grinder attachments to achieve a spectacular shine on the bare metal. Finally, she applies several coats of urethane for a deep glossy finish.

The gear sets are around  7" x 10" x 1" and weigh just about 2 lbs.

They are assembled with the hardware necessary for hanging. You will need one AA battery.

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