Why should men have all the fun?

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Why do we always hear of mancaves?  What about a womanscave?  C'mon ladies, you can't tell me you wouldn't want this beauty in your game room:


This would be the center of my game room.  Not only is the Mustang Shelby pool table HOT, if this was the center of your game room, everybody would want to come over all the time to admire and shoot on the coolest pool table ever heard of!  Now, I don't want to hear, "well, I don't shoot pool" or "I'm not any good at pool".  Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. 

My first date with my husband was at a pool hall.  I showed up with my own cues and boy, was he surprised.  He was even more surprised when we had some really good, close games! He said he had never been beat by a girl and did not let me win.  Ever since that date, we have been inseparable. :)

What else would be in my womancave?  Some seating for when I'm running the table!

To be a game room, you probably should have more than one game... I love chess.  These chess boards are created from actual car parts! Heavy duty and solid, these pieces won't break or ruin with time.

Let's not let the men have all the fun, ladies! Check out CarFurniture.com for more ideas for lighting, art, tables, couches, etc.  I want to start seeing more womancaves!  If you already have one, share them with us!  We want to know!!!

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