Sunrise on the Big 3

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These beautiful pieces of art come from one of our favorite artists. Finding one to decorate your office, man cave, game room, bedroom, or even living room should be easy with a selection like this!

"Sunrise on the Big 3"

Whether you're hauling, towing, pushing, or pulling, a truck does it all. And farm trucks, well they truly do it all! That's what I was thinking about when I came up with this painting. That, and I do really enjoy painting landscapes! I chose sunrise for two reasons; first the idea of the endless possibilities of a new day ahead is exciting, and second because I wanted the scene to be warm and inviting and a 'dawn' color palette allowed me to achieve that."- M.I.

Three trucks. Three makes. Three models. And a new truck every three years. Just sayin'

It's sure to be another beautiful day as the sun breaks over the horizon and through the trees at the Big 3 Farms. The pickup trucks, the 1963 Dodge D-100, 1966 Ford F-100, and the 1969 Chevy C/10, have served the farmer well. After three hard years of doing the heavy lifting, these workhorses are put out to pasture yet they are never out of sight and definitely not forgotten. They may be retired, but the years of steady service have earned each a permanent place in the family and on the land. They brought the babies home from the hospital, drove the kids to school, and were used to teach them all how to drive.

Dependable, sturdy, able to haul cargo and people, these trucks have earned their place of honor. It's with that in mind that in this painting Michael takes you to this farm on a glorious morning, to witness the sunrise on the Big 3.


Choose from two different styles:

  • Limited Edition Prints -31" x 24" - Limited to 800. (Image size 26.38" x 18.5") 10pt satin finish, acid free, museum quality stock.


  • Large Gallery Edition Giclée  - 51.25" x 36" - Canvases are printed on high-quality, heavy-gauge, acid-free archival canvas. Canvases have a special waterproof UV coating and are gallery wrapped on a hardwood frame—shipped READY TO HANG in North America, and rolled Internationally.



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