Collectible Auto-Parts Film Projector - Movie Theater Sculpture

  • $ 349.00

Revisit the golden age of film with this classic hand-crafted film projector! This eco-friendly piece is built entirely out of reclaimed auto parts and scrap meta and is sure to "steal the show" in any office, home theater, studio, or living space! Spark plugs, a pulley from a toy train engine, and the chain and wheel of a motorcycle shape the projector body while various auto parts complete it, including the ignition wheel of a car, the foot and diaphragm of the clutch pedal, and a bearing from the electrical system. Burns, dings, and scratches prove the integrity of this recycled auto piece and capture the history it represents with a vintage-industrial charm.  Built from used and authentic miscellaneous auto parts - this piece of art offers the satisfaction of knowing that no two sets are alike! This set makes a great gift for any occasion and looks stellar in almost any setting and in any room. Hurry! These custom, one of a kind pieces won't last! Order yours today!

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