24 Hours Of Lemans (LED ART)

24 Hours Of Lemans (LED ART)

  • $ 149.00

Light up your space and wow your guests with the LED Racing Wall Art of 24 Hours Of Lemans!

Glowing with the mini LED's in the realistic headlights; this piece draws you right into the thrill of the race and brings the beautifully depicted vehicles zooming off the wall and directly into your space! Long considered the forerunner of today's Formula One racing - the "24 Heures du Mans" race through the streets of France is one of the world's most demanding and prestigious automobile contests. 

A must-have for any man cave, den, garage, office, bedroom, or any other room!


Size: 12" x 18"

Picture: 24 Hours Of Lemans LED Racing Art

Lighting Effects: Mini Light bulbs in headlights of both racing autos.

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