Gas Pumps

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Check out these vintage retro gas pumps!!! Perfect for any mancave or gameroom, these pumps are made from all real parts and make great companion pieces for restored automobiles. All of these retro gas pumps are full size and are guaranteed to impress!

All of the aluminum parts used on our retro gas pumps are cast using the original pump parts as patterns. These parts are all manufactured at an aluminum foundry in the USA. The body panels are made of pre-colored .040 sheet aluminum, the same material used to make gas station awnings. The artists shear, bend & cut all the holes in house to produce each pump.

Gas Pump Faces: The faces, both the clock face and calculator type, are printed on high quality vinyl. An aluminum tray is created to which the face is applied. Real clock hands and screws are put in place along with a simulated sight glass which is seated in a rubber grommet. This assembly mounts on the face frame with an acrylic lens.

Casting Finishes: The top, base, retro gas pump handles & visible cylinder end caps are primed and professionally painted. The face frame and globe ring can be painted or polished to a bright finish depending on your preference. The hose/nozzle fixtures are left in their original cast color just like on the original gas pumps.

Gas Pump Lighting: The face plate lights up as well as the globe on top. One or two 40 watt max bulbs are used. An inline switch is installed into the 110 volt power cord. While these vintage gas pumps are used mostly indoors, they can be built for outdoor use for an additional minimal wiring fee.

Pump Placement: These vintage gas pumps are typically set along a wall and only have one face. As an option, a second Globe face & sign can be installed.

Globe: The display glass in the globe at the top of the gas pump can be ordered with the logo of your choice. Or, we can use your logo to customize the globe. The back glass is frost allowing to highlight your logo.

Gas Pump Sign: The Sign on the front of the vintage gas pump can be a porcelain reproduction, or a detailed decal. Once again, your logo can be used to customize the sign.

Vintage Gas Pump Sizes: A typical face type pump with 60” tall side panels is 84” from the floor to the top of the globe. The side panels can be cut shorter if ceiling height is a problem.

Weight on a face pump is approximately 50 lbs.

The maximum width at the base is 18” and the body is about 14” excluding any signs or the hose mounted on the sides. Depth is the same.

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