Cadillac LaSalle Neon Sign

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Cadillac LaSalle Neon Sign

The GM Heritage Center has commissioned the creation of a Cadillac LaSalle sign based on the original that was at the Cadillac Headquarters in the 1930's. Located on the corner of Cass Avenue and Amsterdam in downtown Detroit this magnificent sign was no doubt visible for many blocks in either direction. It is the second in the series of Designer Collection limited edition neon signs by the GM Heritage Center.

After an exhaustive search of the Archive produced minimum details of the sign, the research staff at the GMHC made several decisions in specifying the design of this replica. These included the color scheme, the use of neon tubes to illuminate the lettering, and the yellow bulbs that outline the sign. The original was in excess of 40 feet tall. The reproduction has been scaled to 12 feet in height with approximately the same portions. The overall result is a truly unique piece of automotive memorabilia that would enhance any car collection or garage.

Only four of these Cadillac LaSalle signs are scheduled to be produced. One will be permanently displayed in the GM Heritage Center.The signs would be available 12-15 weeks. The cost includes crating and shipping within the continental USA only.

Accurate to the most exacting detail, this neon sign bring the benefits of modern technology (power transmitters that will last over 50,000 hours) to the timeless design of an earlier era. Constructed of a high-strength, non-corrosive aluminum, painted with the most durable of enamels and hand assembled by this country's finest neon craftsmen, this Neon Sign is designed and built to deliver a lifetime of satisfaction.

Measuring 48" wide by 138" tall and 12" deep. Weights 125 lbs.

Each custom built sign comes with a personal,serial numbered engraved brass tag attached to the sign.

Warranty Information

GM Heritage Collection Dealer Signs come with a one year warranty on materials and workmanship (With the exception of neon tubing ) from the delivery date of the sign. There is also a Help Desk available to assist customers with any concerns or problems with their signs including non-warranty repair, neon tubing templates and suggestions for qualified neon repair technicians their area.

Shipping Information

Each sign will be packed in a custom built shipping container. The container has been designed and constructed to the same standards used in the shipment of highly sensitive scientific and computer equipment. The sign is securely suspended inside the container and the neon tubing is protected with additional packing. The container is equipped with monitoring sensors to record any events that occur during its transit to our customers.

Your GM Heritage Center Dealer Sign will be shipped F.O.B from Industrial Neon Sign Company in Houston, TX. We will contact you when the sign is ready to make the necessary arrangements to insure that your sign arrives safely.

Please allow 12-15 weeks for your custom sign to be produced.

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