Vintage Chevy Copper Patina Valve Cover Desk Lamp

  • $ 599.00

Crafted from used car parts taken from a first generation, old school, vintage, classic, small block Chevy V8 engine, these lamps are so popular they are being shipped to France and sold in a retail store in Paris and sold all over the world! They are a perfect gift for any Chevrolet enthusiast!

The shade is made from a Copper Patina Chevrolet Script steel valve cover with Chevy harmonic balancer forming the lamp's base, and the whole piece is coated with carefully to give a deep glossy protective finish.

The valve cover is 20" across. The lamp stands at 16". Weighs 19 lbs. Shipping weight 25 lbs. Shipping is calculated based on weight, region and shipping method you choose at checkout. It ships in a nice large plastic storage tote inside a 24"x18"x18" very large and heavy box.

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