Porsche GT2 Office Chair

  • $ 7,995.00

   Not A CHEAP COPY, This is the REAL THING!
This is made from an actual seat removed from a 2008 Porsche 997 GT2, this is the folding Sport Bucket Seat option. The seat shell is a clear coated carbonfiber shell and weighs 15-19 lbs. less than a conventional seat. Since this is a 2008 model seat, there is an integrated side airbag that can be removed and replaced with a carbon trim panel. The seat surface is upholstered in full leather and offers a good balance of comfort and a high degree of lateral support. The seats are equipped with manual fore/aft adjustment, and the folding backrest makes access to the rear more convenient than with a fixed back bucket seat. This seat is brand new and was never mounted in a car. The leather is a non-perforated grain finish with black trim pieces. The shoulders have extended wings and slots where a shoulder harness would go. The headrest has the traditional embossed Porsche crest on it. Although the entire chair tilts back from the base, the rear seat back tilt can also be set with the side tilt knob. There is a small recessed hook at the top back of the seat for hanging a small bag from the back of the chair (perfect for hanging your car keys or a purse). Your purchase includes a base painted in the color of your choice, shown here is 997 Standard seat with a red frame.
Each chair we build is unique and it starts with the metal base and frame being painted separately for each order with a professional automotive quality paint job in a deep, high gloss metallic paint.  Your order includes a custom color of your choice:  match it to your existing car's paint, a trim color in your office or anything else you desire, we only need a paint sample or paint code to finish your base.  We always have a few metallic silver and metallic black bases in stock for rush orders, and the normal delivery time to match your custom color is less than three weeks.
***After you place your order, you will be contacted to discuss and pick your custom base color***

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