Honda F1 2nd Gear Desk Clock - Black

Honda F1 2nd Gear Desk Clock - Black

  • $ 129.00


Not A CHEAP COPY, This is the REAL THING! Office desk or bedside clock made from a 2nd gear ratio that was once upon a time hurtling around a race track at over 200 mph in a Honda Formula 1 racecar.

The clock is supplied in a black gift box with a individually numbered and laminated 'Gift / Information card' that explains what the part is, where it came from, and which F1 drivers used it.

Would make a great gift idea for any petrol head / car / motorsport enthusiast.

The centre of the gear is made from high gloss real carbon fiber. The clock mechanism is then mounted onto this. Each gear has been engraved (by the Honda F1 team) with its own unique part number.

 Temporarily SOLD OUT.  Please call (727) 827-8268 to check availability.

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