Ferrari Scuderia 16M Office Chair

  • $ 24,995.00

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Not A CHEAP COPY, This is the REAL THING! The 16M is one of the rarest seats we have ever offered. This is a black and red leather model with contrast stitching (red on the black leather, black on the red leather), and has a new radical shape and design.  Although it looks strange to have the cut out area around your kidneys and the opening between your knees, this ergonomic change from Ferrari has proven to be one of their most comfortable seats yet!  The entire rear shell and side trim is clear coated carbon fiber (not a "carbon print").  The headrest has an embossed prancing horse logo on it and just below it an opening for shoulder racing belts.
This is an authentic and original seat removed from a very rare and special edition new F430 Scuderia 16M at dealer delivery (seems the car's owner didn't care for the color combo once the car came in and new replacement seats were ordered before the car was delivered to him).  Only 499 of these cars were made worldwide!
The seat base is an average width with a deep and comfortable back, and this sculpted design fits any modern office. The seatback tilt can be adjusted with a few turns of the carbon fiber knob on the side of the seat.  Your order also includes a custom base color of your choice and integrated arm rests as you see in the last sample picture. Shown here for example is the seat on a solid Rosso Corsa frame.  Due to the rariety of this seat, we suggest a more custom design with a black or dark silver metallic flake and contrasting red wheels.  We can also do an authentic Scuderia factory paint option or an  Italian theme.
We currently have only 1 of these available, the matching seat has been already sold.

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