Ferrari 599 GTO Sport Office Chair

  • $ 14,995.00

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Not A CHEAP COPY, This is the REAL THING! Without question the nicest design Ferrari has ever offered. This is a black Alcantara with matching stitching.  This 599 Sport seat was designed by Ferrari for long road trips and translates into a very plush and comfortable office chair.  The entire rear shell and side trim is matte finish coated carbon fiber (not a "carbon print").  The headrest has an silver embroidered prancing horse logo on it and just below it two slots for shoulder racing belts. 
  This is an authentic and original seat removed from a very rare and special edition new 599 GTO at dealer delivery with the intention of turning it into a parts car.  Wide seat base with a deep and comfortable back, this classic design fits any office decor. The seatback tilt can be adjusted with the included wall power adapter.  Your order also includes a custom base color of your choice and integrated arm rests as you see in the last sample picture. Shown here for example is a Ferrari red base on a black and red F430 Scuderia chair.
Each chair we build is unique and it starts with the metal base and frame being painted separately for each order with a professional automotive quality paint job in a deep, high gloss metallic paint.  Your order includes a custom color of your choice:  match it to your existing car's paint, a trim color in your office or anything else you desire, we only need a paint sample or paint code to finish your base.  We always have a few metallic silver and metallic black bases in stock for rush orders, and the normal delivery time to match your custom color is less than three weeks.
***After you place your order, you will be contacted to discuss and pick your custom base color***
The mechanics of the bases are a Synchro knee-tilter from Global's Ride collection.  They are a full metal base and frame with sculpted sport wheels.   The smooth synchronous tilting action maintains constant contact and support for your body in all postures.  There are sculpted shift levers at the side of the seat to control the synchro tilt mechanism and seat height.  The rotating pivot arms are height adjustable as you see illustrated in with the green arrows in the picture above.

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