Carbon Fiber Art Chair

  • $ 1,999.00


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Made from real Carbon Fiber, this sculpted shape is a piece of art as well as a functional and surprisingly comfortable addition to your decor. Finished with a high-gloss clear coat, the 3D visual effect from the carbon weave is mesmerizing.

Dimensions: 55cm x 47.5cm x 85cm, weighing only 7kg total. 
Customization: Custom logo's, colors, paint, and designs can be added for an additional fee. Please email us to discuss details or to see past examples. 
Care: This has an automotive clear-coat and should be polished and cleaned with any product you would use to clean the hood of your car with. Light scratches and wear marks can be buffed out with any automotive finishing product, while deep scratches can always be touched up by a local auto body shop. 
Complete Package: A full line of Large tables, coffee tables, desks, chairs and desktop accessories in carbon fiber are available to match your chair.

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