1971 Dodge Challenger R/T (Desk Sign/Plaque)

1971 Dodge Challenger R/T (Desk Sign/Plaque)

$ 119.00

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Product Details

 These awesome Desk Signs really light up your office!. A great gift for any occasion,  also available as a light up plaque. Not to mention they are just plain cool. Using LED and acrylic lit edges these little pieces of art are to tempting to pass by. Plus you can choose your color!! OR Have ALL the colors and a remote!? Just click and its yours.

COLORS- Red, Blue, White, Orange


  • Color Changing
  • RF Remote Control.
  • Extra bright 12 volt light strip, with closely spaced LEDs.
  • 19 Dynamic modes, 20 Static colors, demo mode, with adjustable speed and brightness.
  • Fades, strobes, transitions and effects! Internal RGB RF color changing microcontroller with wireless remote control gives you control over the lights, from a distance!
  • 1 to 1 paired remotes, so each remote will only control the sign it belongs to.
  • 110vAC Adapter included. A common battery (CR2025) is included with the remote control.

     DIMENSIONS-Desk Sign-13" inch long wood base.

    The desk model is natural select pine and contains the leds in a 9 volt system. It comes with a 9 volt ac adapter and has a slot on the bottom for a 9 volt battery for short term use (like for car shows etc). 

     DIMENSIONS-Wall Plaque-21" inches wide

    The wall model hangs with 'standoffs' which we provide. Also included is the ac adapter. It does not take an internal battery. Our standoffs have brushed aluminum caps and a 1 or 1-1/2" screw in the back to mount on the wall. (Use a thin t toggle bolt with the standoff if hanging on sheetrock. Our standoffs hold the sign out from the wall about 1/2".

     ***Custom Orders are available for $25 extra - just include year/make and preferred color in the Special Instructions,  or click on the color changing option to have them all!!  We will contact you with any questions.***


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