1965 Shelby GT-350 Pool Table

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"It looks similar to a Mustang," I said looking at the beautiful blue and white Shelby GT-350 sitting proudly next to our 1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table at the Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"It IS a Mustang!" the Shelby team laughed, "only BETTER!"

I was a little embarrassed for not knowing this bit of auto-trivia until the Shelby team piped-up again...

"You guys should make a Shelby Pool Table! Carroll saw your Mustang and loved it.  He said not to worry, start taking orders now and we'll work out all of the licensing with the lawyers after the show - he would even sign some of the tables for you!"

And with that conversation in 2010, the 1965 Shelby GT-350 Pool Table was born.

Each new Shelby Pool Table is directly molded from the body of a REAL 1965 GT 350 and is finished with top quality automotive paint and clear coat, wet sanded, and trimmed with real working lights, actual chrome bumpers and decals, and real alloy rims and tires.

The pool table itself is a regulation size 4' x 8' made from only solid hardwoods, professional pockets and rails, and holds only the highest quality three piece slate top.

With our exclusive agreement with the Carroll Shelby Foundation, there are also a very limited number of "Signature Edition" tables, each hand signed by Mr. Carroll Shelby before he passed away.  These are the ONLY collectors edition pool tables made for Shelby, with only fifty (50) bearing the original and documented signature of Carroll, and only a very limited number still available. 

Finished in original Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue with cherry finished rails and a solid hard-wood frame, your Shelby table is designed to last as an heirloom collectible for many generations.

 Technical Specifications:

-119" long (bumper to nose) (302cm)

-71" wide (side to side) (180cm)

-35" high (floor to top of rails) (89cm)

-Approximately 1000 lbs assembled (454kg)

Each of these rare tables are manufactured completely in the United States with a portion of the proceeds of each Shelby Billiards Table being donated to the Carroll Shelby Foundation, helping support children battling life-threatening illnesses and the ongoing education of children and young adults.


Each Shelby Pool Table is custom finished when ordered, shipped to you, and assembled in your home or business by one of our professional billiards table installers.

Your shipment will arrive to you in 2 wooden crates weighing a total of 1,600 lbs (727kg)
105" Long x 50" Wide x 36" High (267cm L x 127cm W x 91cm H)  600lbs (272kg)
54" Long x 64" Wide x 36" Tall (137cm L x 163cm W x 91cm H)   1,000lbs (454kg)


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