Billy's Service Station (LED ART)

Billy's Service Station (LED ART)

  • $ 299.00

Light up your space and wow your guests with this LED Wall Art of the famous Billy's Service Station!

Glowing with the warmth of soft lighting in the realistic headlights, the green neon of the station, and the small detail of the red neon clock on the wall; this piece gives great attention to detail and draws you right into a classic Americana landscape; heralding back to a time when gas was poured into your "Model T" by hand - as seen in this famous California service station brought back to life.

A must-have for any man cave, den, garage, office, bedroom, or any other room that you want to give a classy vintage flair!


Size: 24" x 36"

Picture: Billy's Service Station - LED Wall Art

Lighting Effects: Actual Green Neon around building facade. Mini Light Bulbs in car headlights. Yellow L.E.D. lights in parking lights. Red L.E.D.s in the clock.



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