Vintage VW Volkswagen Air Cooled Engine Table

Vintage VW Volkswagen Air Cooled Engine Table

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This groovy air-cooled engine table has a 30" round table glass top with the VW logo.  The engine sits directly on the floor with furniture sliders as feet. The height from the floor to the glass top is standard coffee table height at 19".

This was a used grimy engine when the artist got it. She took it all apart and cleaned each piece with solvents. The only paint is the black and copper. The rest is the original finish of the magnesium block and aluminum heads. After she bead blasted it, she spent days grinding on it with several different attachments and was quite impressed with how well it shined up. The finish is protected under several coats of automotive quality urethane. 

Dimensions: 19"H x 30"W

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