The Classic Flaming Fridge

The Classic Flaming Fridge

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WOW!! A completely restored and customized 50's refrigerator with a 57 Chevy theme. Entirely dis-assembled and rebuilt inside and out. Custom basecoat-clearcoat paint. Built to customer specifications.

-Built in adjustable leveler feet, with removable 2" caster for easy movement.

-LED grill lighting or under lighting, controlled from a remote that can be changed to any color or color patterns and dimmable.

Click to order the one as shown. Otherwise call or Email for a custom order.

-Special pricing dependent on model and custom work done, can be restored to original or complete custom. Pin striping and airbrushing available.

-Can be ordered in any color, custom paint or built to match your car.

-Built by our featured Artist Dave, who obviously demands perfection in every piece.

-You will receive a call from us shortly after ordering to discuss colors so be sure to include phone number or email and email address.

-Don't forget to match up the 57 Rear Couch and its matching other half, the TV Lift Display made from the front end to have the ultimate 57 collection!!

-Shipping Is Included In Price (In The U.S. Only)

-Orders sometimes take 8 to 12 weeks

-Call Or Email For International Shipping Rates



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